Join us for sisterhood circle, film, healing immersion and phat chats about PUSSY!! Yes, your pussy, my pussy, our pussy, the differences in our pussy, the gift in our pussy, the voice of our pussy and of course the shame we carry around our pussy.

The film pussy is a documentary, about women speaking through their vagina's. Have you ever considered that your vagina has a voice? SHE is the gatekeeper to your womb, to your deepest truth & to YOU. She is your protector, your sacred and intimate gift. Yet many of us have never learned how to speak to her, to listen to her, or consider her. Most of us think that SHE is for another's pleasure. Sadly this is not true, your Pussy is for your pleasure, she is your portal of power and when we learn to hear her, to truly hear her, we will never give up our intimate treasure for another again. So let's talk about it?! In the sanctuary of sisterhood.

Friday Night Pussy Night Includes:

  • Tapas & film
  • Sacred sisterhood sharing circle
  • Healing sound meditation
  • Cutting edge sexual education and the connection between your anatomy and your connection to Divine

Numbers are limited, bookings are required. Please bring a potluck tapas plate to share. Address sent on registration.